Our Eco Friendliness

Our Pledge 

We do our very best to be as eco friendly as possible. We will continue to develop and improve our business practices thus reducing our waste and impact on the environment to a minimum wherever reasonably possible.

Our Cushions

All our cushions are digitally printed and manufactured in the UK using only the best material suitable for each design.

After the printing is complete, the cushions are sent to our small team of professional seamstresses who, with many years of manufacturing expertise and experience, handcraft our designs creating the finished product.

On many designs our inner edges inside the cushions are over-locked creating the neatest of finishes with a care label attached and an invisible zip and woven label added.

Particular designs are hand-trimmed, hand-finished and hand-pressed by our team adding specific individual handcrafted coloured piping where applicable, 


Designed, printed and manufactured in the UK which reduces our carbon footprint as much as possible.. .. and we are proud to say that!

Our Cushion Inner Pads

All our cushion inner pads are British manufactured and generously filled specifically for us. They are responsibly sourced with full certification regarding traceability, where applicable, and all comply with British Safety Standards 5852 Part 2 Ignition Source 2

We offer three types of filling for our cushion inner pads:

  • Eco Recycled Non Allergic Hollowfibre
  • Quality 100% Feather Pads
  • Luxury 85% Feather & 15% Down Inner Pads

Eco Recycled Non Allergic Hollowfibre Cushion Pads
If you have an allergy to feathers or if you would rather an alternative then we offer a non allergic eco hollowfibre for all cushion sizes.

Made from recycled processed plastic bottles, these cushions pads offer the ultimate alternative to feather/down inner pads. These cushion pads are excellent quality, soft and comfortable and provide good support whilst retaining their shape well. They can require less plumping up than some feather alternatives and are supplied in a white polyester cotton cover.

Quality Feather Cushion Pads
Made from 100% white* curled duck feather filling. These full cushions maintain their shape and come with an ecru/cream coloured 100% cotton cambric cover.

The small white* duck feathers used to fill these pads are pre-treated to curl them, removing their quills for added softness and allowing the cushion to keep its shape. A spring-like action creates bounce for the cushion with good recovery of its plumpness and softness.

*as all feathers are naturally coloured  then there may be a slight variation in colour and occasionally an odd darker feather will  be present. This does affect the excellent quality of your cushion inner pad or visibly show in any way through your cushion cover.

Quality feather cushions at a great price.

Luxury 85% Feather and 15% Down Cushion Pads
This inner pad consists of white curled duck feather and 15% white duck-down filling These soft, plump cushions superbly maintain their shape and have an ecru/cream coloured 100% cotton cambric cover.

The addition of 15% pure white duck-down to white duck feathers in this cushion filling gives additional plumpness, bounce and warmth to these cushion pads.

Infusing the two fillings of curled feather and luxurious soft white down feathers, this premium range gives a real touch of class at an affordable price.

Please note, all our inner pads supplied to you are around 5cm bigger than your chosen cushion size. This allows the cushion to maintain it's shape and plumpness better.


Do you want even more luxury? We are also able to offer:

  • Luxury Feather and 30% Down Cushion Pads
  • Luxury 51% Down and 49% Feather Pads
  • Super-Indulgent 100% Down Cushion Pads

Please contact us for further details and a price quote.

You can of course purchase a cushion cover from us without an inner pads and if you decide to do so then we are always happy to advise on the best size and filling for your chosen cushion.

Our Beauty Bags

Using the same material as many of our cushions, we created our generously sized beauty bags. 

Again, these are hand-crafted with a quality waterproof inner and sturdy zip. Our woven label is added as a finishing touch.

Our Shipping Boxes

Our heavy duty Enviro-boxes are an environmentally friendly solution. Developed in conjunction with WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the Enviro-box offers a sustainable and reliable alternative to larger double wall boxes and are 7% lighter with a manufacturing process which results in a 30% saving in CO2 emissions.

Importantly our heavy duty single wall boxes offer as much protection as can be reasonably achieved so your order is safe whenever a box is needed to transport your order to you.

All boxes can of course be reused or responsibly recycled.

Our Shipping Box Protective Inners (where applicable)

We use completely biodegradable and compostable protective box inners for delivery, when needed. They completely disintegrate in around 10-12 weeks in landfill. 

We will continually research alternative solutions so as to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Product Protective Bag (where applicable)

We use clear gusseted environmentally friendly biodegradable bags but only if needed. The bags are completely biodegradable in landfill in around 12-24 months. 

We will continually research alternative solutions so as to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Postage Bags (where applicable)

We use green coloured bio mailing bag made from 100% recycled material  which are suitable for industrial composting. They are made from 100% recycled material with biodegradable additive. These bags are used for delivering smaller products and only when needed. 

We will continually research alternative solutions so as to reduce our carbon footprint.